Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why Deer Suck

This blog will be examining the complete uselessness of deer.

- I am utterly convinced the deer are not only semi-retarded animals but also extremely non beneficial to our society. I will be sharing my personal struggles with these freaks of nature!

-So i was on my way to school one day running a little late. As i left the local gas station some douche bag deer must of thought it would be funny to run into the side of my car. Well it wasnt!! In fact in made me quite livid, for my once dent free car now was in rather bad shape.-------------------------------F deer and there stupid faces------------------------------------

-As you can see deer really suck. If you need more proof then look at it from a different angle

-The bastard even left some retarded deer hair stuck to my car!

-So i guess it all boils down to this... DEER SUCK!